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     Xuzhou TianChang Chemical Co., Ltd located in Xuzhou which a  beautiful scenery and convenient traffic city. Formerly it was a nitrogen fertilizer plant , and restructed into a private joint-stock enterprises in 1995.
Our main products: Nitrates, Phosphates series , Nitrogen Fertilizer, Potassium Fertilizer, NPK compound Fertilizer, ect Agricultural chemicals.
  we annually produce over 100,000 tons, export over 40,000 tons of products. As a company with I/E license, we have sold our products in all the places of China, and exported our products into more than 40 countries and regions, and customers are highly satisfied with our products. 

DAP 18-46 brown color
DAP 18-46 brown color
DAP 18-46 yellow
DAP 18-46 yellow color
氯化铵 工业级
Ammonium chloride 99.5% industrial grade
氯化铵颗粒 农业级
Ammonium chloride granular (fertilizer grade)
农业级氯化铵 粉末
Ammonium chloride powder (fertilizer grade)
一铵 11-52
MAP 11-52
NPK 12-24-12
NPK 12-24-12 ( potassium sulphate or potassium chloride)
氮磷钾复合肥 彩色
NPK compound fertilizer in different color
NPK 15-15-15
NPK 15-15-15
Granular Urea with 46% nitrogen
Prilled Urea with 46% Nitrogen
ammonium sulphate (granular)
ammonium sulphate (fertilizer grade)
硫酸铵 (以丙酰胺级别)
ammonium sulphate (caprolactam grade)
Potassium nitrate
Granular Potassium Sulphate
碳酸钾 (powder)
Potassium Carbonate ( powder)
Potassium Carbonate
Ammonium Sulphate (Crystal)
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